Capacity and know-how for successful projects

Each improvement in your company’s performance improves equals a little more hard cash in the bank. With an interim manager from butterflymanager, you enjoy a high degree of assurance that projects will lead rapidly to the desired results. In addition, you’ll benefit from the practice- and implementation-oriented transfer of new know-how in your company. An external manager is obligated solely to complete the task at hand and has no need to concern themselves with additional matters.

In doing so, they send a positive message to those around them in regard to solution-oriented action: that challenges can be solved with the addition of a proven expert. Interim managers recommended by butterflymanager are trustworthy, reliable management personnel who are contracted solely to carry out their clients‘ goals. They have cutting-edge know-how, proven success in comparable situations and the very best references. Their relationship to the company lasts only as long as it is required to and enables the transfer of expert know-how into the organisation.

Typical areas of work for interim managers in projects:

  • Project management (single or multiple)
  • Programme management
  • Special expertise (e.g. Asia, technology, customers, markets)
  • Implementation (e.g. processes, technologies, outsourcing)
  • Relocation (e.g. branches, factories, production operations)
  • Change management projects and coaching of the management team