Quick and flexible interim solutions for vacant positions in your company

You want to fill a vacant position in your company until a permanent successor is found and can begin work.

The vacancy cannot remain unfilled. A suitable candidate must be found immediately – at least to assume the role on a temporary basis. The right candidate is currently not available internally. The search for a permanent replacement is shaping up to take longer than planned.

By using an interim manager, you win time to search for the best possible replacement at your leisure, while the regular tasks and responsibilities of the role are professionally taken care of. During this time, all of the parties involved are supported by a professional point of contact. Thanks to their „overqualification“ for the position, an interim manager will always ensure the transfer of know-how into the company.

Thanks to the special perspective and mindset they bring as an independent, external professional, interim managers can also put in place new incentives (diversity) or effect positive change through an alternative style of leadership.

Interim managers require virtually no time to adjust to a new role and are able almost immediately to dedicate their full efforts to the task(s) at hand. What’s more, an interim manager can help ensure that their permanent successor is integrated optimally into the role.

Typical reasons for interim vacancy filling:

  • Temporary filling of an urgent vacancy, including during an ongoing recruitment process
  • After unexpected dismissal, leaving a (management) vacuum that must be filled quickly
  • In cases of illness with an unclear status or duration (e.g. burnout syndrome)
  • Temporary replacement, e.g. in the case of maternity leave/parental leave, sabbatical, expatriation
  • Rapid personnel restructuring